• Vox opens with screams in the background only getting overwhelmed in volume periodically by explosions and roars **

“There is no peace among the starts, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter and the laughter of thirsting Gods, this was a statement I have heard, but never thought it to be literal.

I am third clerk Festus, proud in servitude to the governor of Herodas, lead planet in the Ignis Cali sector. I am the highest ranking official alive to make this report left, they are all dead…. Or worse.

Our Sector has come under attack, I beseech any and all with honour and the light of the emperor in their hearts to come to our aid, I’m send this using all frequencies available to this post in the hope that someone, anyone hears it. The most of unholy alliances has been formed, one of our worlds was a sleeping tomb world, and it awoke 10 days ago, but the creatures that come from it, they were nothing like the reports we heard from other places, their bodies metal, but they bore not one gun, all had claws and “there is a pause and the sound of gagging “and.. they consume those that they kill, organs and flesh dripping through their metallic bodies and then they take parts of them and wear them as though going to a masquerade party. But the slaughter they brought seemed to draw others to our sector, and by the Emperor I know not how, they are formed a pact with the forces of the Old Enemy and a small Hive fleet that had planet fall.
We do not know how this all came to be, but we have nothing left that can fight them we are getting slaughtered.

Please I beseech anyone that holds compassion or hatred in their hearts. We need help and….Oh by the Emperor, no, they found me….”

“OI! I see da hummie talking on dat box COME ERE!! Hahaha D’is will be fun, wot u fink”

“Wait… I like his face…..”

  • Vox ends in static after several seconds of gut wrenching screams and the sounds of a choppa crashing into machinery**

The Fall Of Ignis Cali